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Welcome to Vanderex LLC! We appreciate you stopping by and considering our services. Vanderex LLC was founded 8 years ago upon 3 main principals:



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While starting Vanderex LLC as a senior in High School, I was passionate and on a mission from the start! Now being in business for nearly 10 years, I have developed, honed in on, re-evaluated and broadened my skills set as an Internet Engineer and I continue to learn more about the field every day! I have been fortunate to adopt a wide variety of clients over the years and that has helped me develop my professional skills and industry knowledge further. When I’m not working at Vanderex LLC(let’s face it, I spend a lot time here!) I am deeply passionate about music, nature and family.

I’ve been an instrumentalist for 10 years and music has provided me with a wealth of creativity and an outlet for decompression. Sometimes the key to nailing down a website design concept is simply sitting down and strumming some guitar for a while, letting the creative juices flow about. After a hard days work, I enjoy sitting outside listening to the birds, watching the clouds roll by and enjoying a nice cup of hot or cold coffee while the sun sets on my day. Work is incredibly important to me, but what is even more important is my family. We are all very busy in today’s world but I carve out as much time as possible to spend with family and loved ones and continue to build close relationships and fun memories. Being shaped by many people and experiences, I feel very blessed to own Vanderex LLC and I love coming to work each day.

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