Our New Web Design Goals for 2016

//Our New Web Design Goals for 2016

Our New Web Design Goals for 2016

Good morning fellow associates, followers and first-time readers! We just wanted to take a moment to write about our new web design goals for 2016, as they will benefit your organization! We have excitedly decided to go back to our roots and focus on helping the small local business industry of which we have been a member of for nearly a decade! We understand just as well as the next guy, that small businesses grow and thrive by both helping out with and receiving help from other small businesses. By helping each other, we can all thrive.

A very significant part of our business is to spread word about our business associates on a daily and weekly basis. We take the time to reach out to our own network via mail, snail-mail and social media in order to create referrals for our associates. Along with reaching out, we advertise for all of our associates throughout our own website! We are very fortunate to have this word-spreading reciprocated by many of our associates, and that continuous cycle keeps everyone chugging along!

All in all, we are going to be hammering on our local networking during 2015-2016 and we hope to contribute to everyone’s network as well as our own! We thank you so much and greatly appreciate doing business with you, and if you aren’t currently an associate of ours, we would love to speak with you and have you join our hard-working network!


-Vanderex LLC

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