New Premium WordPress Marketplace

//New Premium WordPress Marketplace

New Premium WordPress Marketplace

As all developers know, WordPress has become increasingly popular and prevalent as a choice of CMS. One of the reasons for this occurrence is that anyone can go out and buy an elite WordPress theme that is functionally advanced and cosmetically exceptional. The even greater part is that you only need to spend $40 to $50 to buy an awesome theme. However, there is a downside to these theme marketplaces that sell premium WordPress assets.

If you’re an active web developer that likes to buy themes and use them for your clients, you start to rack up a bill after buying so many themes. Most marketplaces keep 50% of the profits, and give the theme authors a 50% commission on items sold. When you get into the commission game, you start to see trends in themes because developers want to  make a theme that will sell; this means that creativity and uniqueness is lost. Themeverse is a new marketplace that we have developed that tosses the whole commission concept.

In Themeverse, you simply have to become a member, and you have access to EVERY theme in our library! That is how it should be. You only have to pay a small membership fee once a year, and you get access to every theme that gets added to the library throughout the year. Let us list out a few other great things about Themeverse:

1. Authors get paid substantially upfront for their creations

2. We have themes that are also sold on popular marketplaces such as Themeforest, but they are free to all members.

3. Every premium WordPress theme and plugin that gets added to the library is completely free of charge, and can be downloaded as many times as you’d like. Our licenses are unlimited.

4. The more members that join Themeverse, the more awesome themes and plugins we can purchase and provide to all members!

5. Themeverse is a marketplace that is for and committed to the members. The marketplace itself does not generate profits. Instead, all money from members is put towards funding the development of new themes and plugins.


We really hope that everyone will give Themeverse a try! It only costs $75 to join, and even less if you catch Themeverse on a promo day! By paying the $75 member fee, you are literally saving thousands of dollars in theme expenses.  If you are unsatisffied with the quality of product and service put out by Themeverse, they will refund your member fee, guaranteed.

Visit Themeverse!

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