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A Website Won’t Cut It

One of the more unfortunate concepts that we explain to each of our clients is the concept of “a website won’t cut it anymore.” Their jaws drop even lower when we tell them that their business website is only a fraction of their entire digital marketing campaign. The website is in fact a larger piece of your fractional pie, however there are many more pieces in the pie tin. In this day and age in digital marketing, businesses almost need to take an all or nothing approach to their digital marketing in order to raise any form of awareness. The internet competition is so vast that cross-networking and getting involved in every network building activity possible is the only way to promote your products/services online! Let’s take a look at what is in our opinion, the pieces needed to successfully promote your business online.

At Vanderex LLC , we practice a 4 piece digital marketing strategy. Our entire strategy, in the most basic sense, revolves around the website.  Of course, we can’t reveal all the secrets, but we believe that every online business needs a guide to follow.

First Piece: Beautiful, fluid website.

The website is the center piece in your online campaign. Everything on your website links to your other marketing/advertising networks, and all of those network pieces link back to your website.  On page SEO is very important for the website. Your website SEO needs to be flawless which means you need to have valid title tags, keywords, internal linking, external linking, correctly placed ALT content, and easily accessible links to your other networks. Unfortunately, your amazing website SEO work will not be enough to make you succeed, but it is the foundation.

Second Piece: An Interesting, Interactive Blog.

Most people simply write articles and post their thoughts to Facebook these days, but that form of article sharing won’t do the trick for businesses. Writing blog posts with significance is a must do for businesses. Blogging about your business is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a business to interact with their followers. From an SEO perspective, a blog populates your website with tons of fresh, unique, and keyword rich content! Your business blog will bring visitors to your site, and the visitor interaction will open several channels for more visitors to connect with you. Soon you will see the domino effect.

Third Piece: A business Twitter account.

For your business, you won’t be using Twitter as just a social channel. In fact, you might not use Twitter as a socializing channel at all. Twitter will act as an extension to your blog. Each blog post will get posted to Twitter. Twitter will be your alert system to flag visitors over to your site. Every new offer your business makes needs to be sent through your Twitter to give out immediate awareness to your followers. Twitter is your alert system.

Fourth Piece: Linked In account.

The final piece that you need is a business Linked In page. Linked In is a professional network, and if your business is credible and professional, it should be found on Linked In. Linked In also offers many internal marketing and advertisement opportunities which you will find out as soon as you sign up for Linked In Premium, or even as soon as you create a business page. Get as many followers as possible on Linked In because Linked In acts as your credibility tool.

We chose not to mention Facebook and Pinterest because so far we have not seen proof that those websites significantly expand your business network. HOWEVER, it is important to be involved in them because they are in the top 5 social networks list. You need to have business accounts in the top 5 networks because that spreads the scope of which you can find new customers/clients. It also shows your involvement in your industry and gets your name out quicker. The internet is more of a battle field these days for businesses, so that is why a website alone simply will not cut it. You need to make use of all your ‘weapons’ and resources if you want to survive.




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