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Web Design & Mobile

You likely found us by searching for web design eau claire and you are absolutely at the right place! Let Vanderex LLC become a part of your team and take your web presence to new levels. Web Design is our passion and we live to serve you. Tell us your budget and we will find a way to create a modern masterpiece for your business or organization! Or, if you need help with other types of updates or just some general guidance, Contact us today!

eCommerce Solutions

Are you ready to sell products online and just need help crossing the finish line? We can build your eCommerce online store in less than one week and have it ready to sell products and accept payments! We’ve been fortunate to work with a vast array of eCommerce websites and we will bring a wise perspective to your eCommerce project.


What good would a website be if it not only ran slow but also could not be found in Google Search? Don’t let your website fall into either of these categories! We can optimize your entire website for speed and search, granting you the best user experience possible. Contact us today and let us fine tune your website to be the best it can be.

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