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Server Maintenance at a reasonable price – Anywhere, all the time!

A Clean Server is Critical

To most its just pesky busy-work but keeping your web server clean, defragmented, secure and up to date is darn near required for your website’s success. Even your search engine ranking can be affected by a dirty server! The internet is a much more dangerous home for websites now days and ALL vulnerabilities must be accounted for and web servers must be regularly maintained! For a very reasonable price, we provide server maintenance services for all of your websites. What we can offer you:

  • Daily status check on websites
  • Weekly Check and update of all server software
  • Ensure that file permissions are properly applied to suit your needs
  • De-clutter file system, remove temporary files
  • Database Backup and Defragment
  • Daily Server-wide Backups

Let us maintain your web server – today!

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Our Server Maintenance Clients

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