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Web Design Services in Menomonie WI!

We are very happy to be opening a base station for our web design services in Menomonie WI! With our new Menomonie office, we will better serve the western Wisconsin suburbs while managing all of our Minnesota clients from our Saint Paul office. Menomonie is a very cute and historical small town located between River [...]

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Plastic Print Solutions

We welcome Plastic Print Solutions(PPS) to our client family! PPS is based out of River Falls Wisconsin and specialize in eco-friendly printing solutions that include but are not limited to gift cards, loyalty cards, fundraising cards, promotional cards and many other types of prints! If you want an affordable, local and trusted solution for your printing [...]

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Our New Web Design Goals for 2016

Good morning fellow associates, followers and first-time readers! We just wanted to take a moment to write about our new web design goals for 2016, as they will benefit your organization! We have excitedly decided to go back to our roots and focus on helping the small local business industry of which we have been a [...]

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April Fools Promo

Happy April Fool's Day! Even though today is supposed to be about pranks and trickery, we are not trying to do either of those things with today's deal! For today only, we will drop 50% off of all quotes that we make! You may be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on your next project [...]

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A New Year, A New Web Design

Once the Calendar page flipped over to 2015, we decided that it was time for a new design! It had been almost two years since we had fully overhauled our website, so we were quite excited to do some house cleaning! We believe in redesigning a website to a certain degree every two years in [...]

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New Premium WordPress Marketplace

As all developers know, WordPress has become increasingly popular and prevalent as a choice of CMS. One of the reasons for this occurrence is that anyone can go out and buy an elite WordPress theme that is functionally advanced and cosmetically exceptional. The even greater part is that you only need to spend $40 to [...]

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Minnesota Antique Classifieds – Collect MN

We have officially launched Collect Minnesota, our new classifieds website! Collect MN is an antique and collectible classifieds of which is currently the only of its kind in existence. Similar to Craigslist, our site allows the general public to freely list ads and sell items that they own. However, there are some significant differences between [...]

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Nonprofit Web Design Minneapolis

We recently overhauled our nonprofit web development program! We continue to give back to the community as much as we can, and we thought what better way than to provide professional web services to nonprofits for FREE. That's right, we have allotted three websites to be developed completely free of charge if a nonprofit qualifies [...]

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Watch Out Living Social and Groupon!

We aren't officially announcing what our latest project is, but trust us, it is huge. Coming this spring is a new competitor of Living Social and Groupon. However, this online rewards website will be completely different than the two leading coupon/rewards websites. This website will bring similar advertising/awareness techniques to the table, but the scope [...]

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The Battle of SEO

SEO is an ongoing battle whether we internet engineers like it or not; if we choose not to fight, then we get to lay on the ground and have a thousand people pile on top of us. Search Engine Optimization has evolved significantly since our developers at Vanderex first started implementing SEO on client websites. [...]

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