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Watch Out Living Social and Groupon!

We aren't officially announcing what our latest project is, but trust us, it is huge. Coming this spring is a new competitor of Living Social and Groupon. However, this online rewards website will be completely different than the two leading coupon/rewards websites. This website will bring similar advertising/awareness techniques to the table, but the scope [...]

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The Battle of SEO

SEO is an ongoing battle whether we internet engineers like it or not; if we choose not to fight, then we get to lay on the ground and have a thousand people pile on top of us. Search Engine Optimization has evolved significantly since our developers at Vanderex first started implementing SEO on client websites. [...]

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Why Choose a Minneapolis Web Design Firm

It is "easy" for a web design and digital marketing company to compete in the nationwide internet market, simply because the company's services are 100% online; well that's not exactly a true statement. Most internet companies advertise nationwide in attempt to broaden the scope of their clientele, but they are not exactly qualified to service [...]

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A Website Won’t Cut It

One of the more unfortunate concepts that we explain to each of our clients is the concept of "a website won't cut it anymore." Their jaws drop even lower when we tell them that their business website is only a fraction of their entire digital marketing campaign. The website is in fact a larger piece [...]

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